Published and Unpublished Individual Accounts

These are generally available from the authors for a reasonable fee; some may be in libraries

An Improbable Machine Gunner, by Frank Hancock (M/399th), 1996. Contact Frank E. Hancock, 1012 Nolan Blvd., Madison, Alabama 35758. 157 large-format pages of highly interesting and detailed personal account of basic training at an IRTC, ASTP at the Citadel, training at Bragg, and combat through the Vosges, Heilbronn and V-E Day. [AUT]

A Soldier's Story, by Robert Tessmer (I/397th). 1995. More information forthcoming.

Boxcars and Burps, by Craig Davison (E/397th). 1983. More information forthcoming.

Combat: A Short Interval in the Life of a G.I. in World War II, by Lester O. Gluesenkamp (C/397th), 1995. Contact the author at 4185 Kinoka Road, Alma, Illinois 62807. 139-page, single spaced, typed narrative of the author's experiences in training (including time in the ASTP) and in combat. Vivid, candid and evocative personal account of a BAR gunner. [AUT]

Combat Infantry Rifleman Survivors, by John Sheets (I/397th). 1994. More information forthcoming.

First Class Privates, by William C. Watson, Jr. (A/398th), 1994. Contact the author at 1145 Mason Woods Drive, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30329. 256 page, hard cover published book, with pictures and reproductions of correspondence to document the author's experiences as a Citadel cadet, in Army training (including ASTP at Georgia Tech), in combat with the ill-fated A/398th, and as a PW in Germany. Lucid, detailed and very well written account. [AUT]

Love Company: L Company, 399th Infantry Regiment, of the 100th Infantry Division during World War II and beyond, by John M. Khoury, (L/399th), 2003. To order contact Chi Chi Press, PO Box 914, Maywood, NJ 07607. (800) 807-8265. 190-page, 6 x 9, paperbound. 140 pages of stories of boys who grew into men. The reader follows the progress of an infantry company from the days of combat through demobilization and reunions. The book does not include maps with accounts of large movements of troops or campaign strategies. The stories are mean to be read by everyone, including children and grandchildren who are curious about the dogfaces of WWII, told by one who was there. Includes Company Roster and information about individual soldiers extracted from the Company Morning Reports. $14.95 each or 2 for $25.00. Shipping: add $2.50 for media mail or $4.50 for priority plus $1 for each additional book. NJ residents add 6% sales tax.

Plowboy to Doughboy, by H. E. Pollard. Excellent personal memoir of a replacement who arrived in F/397th Infantry on 8 January 1945 -- near the climax of the battle for Rimling. 51 pages. More information forthcoming.

Recollections of WW2, by Jack S. O'Brien (AT/397th). 1996. More information forthcoming.

Sketches of World War II, by Paul Mosher (I/397th). 1992. More information forthcoming.

Son of Bitche, by Dr. Hal G. Bingham (F/399th). 1998. Contact the author at 2617 NW 22d Avenue, Gainesviller, Florida 32605. ($15.00 plus $1.60 postage and packing) Approximately 200 pages, hard-cover published book, with photos and list of towns liberated or passed through by F/399th. Vivid, well-written memoir of an ex-ASTP soldier who served as an infantryman in F/399th throughout the 100th's period of combat. [AUT]

The Shavetail and the Army Nurse, by Eli and Bernice Fishpaw (F/398th). 1998. More information forthcoming.

V-Mail, by Keith Winston. Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin, 1985. The intimate comments on war of a combat medic in the 398th Infantry, gleaned by his wife from his letters home, 1944-45. Published posthumously. [MHI, RAR]