Ardennes Cemetery

Located near the southeast edge of Neupré (Neuville-en-Condroz), 19.4 kilometers (12 miles) southwest of Liège, Belgium, this 90-acre cemetery contains the graves of 5,328 American war dead.

The Memorial, a rectangular stone structure, bears a massive American eagle and other symbols on its facade. Within the Memorial are the chapel and three large wall maps composed of inlaid marble. The outside wall contains the names of 462 men listed as Missing in Action. The facade overlooking the burial area bears a mosaic rendering of the major United States units which operated in Northwest Europe during World War II.


By car from Liège: Take Highway N 63 from Liège for 19.4 kilometers (12 miles) directly to the entrance to the cemetery.

By train: Liège can be reached by train from Paris (le Gare du Nord) or from Aachen, Germany. Taxis can take you to the cemetery entrance, and there are numerous comfortable hotels in Liège from which to choose.

100th Infantry Division Soldiers Graves

Name, Rank, Serial #, Home State, Date of Death, Location of Plot

397th Infantry Regiment

CAREY, Charles F. Jr., TSGT, 06253699, WY, 09 Jan 45, C 29 12

KELLY, Martin J., PVT, 10601812, County Clare, Ireland, 05 Dec 44, C 28 2

SAXON, Rayford E., 1LT, 01296751, MS, 09 Jan 45, A 34 57

SULLIVAN, George F., PVT, 12230126, NY, 10 Apr 45, C 37 3

398th Infantry Regiment

BLOOMBERG, Marvin, PFC, 37578186, SD 10 Jan 45, B 32 55

LOEHDING, Ben F., SGT, 39612763, WA, 07 Apr 45, A 27 4

399th Infantry Regiment

LLOYD, Maurice E., PFC, 36774991, IL, 01 Jan 45, C 4 58

VAN DAALEN, Ernest F., PFC, 32924006, NJ, 11 Jan 45, A 32 24


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