Netherlands Cemetery

The only American military cemetery in the Netherlands, this cemetery lies in the village of Margraten, six miles east of Maastricht. Covering 65.5 acres, the cemetery contains the remains of 8,302 Americans, while the Tablets of the Missing record the names of 1,723 who rest in unknown locations.

The tall Memorial Tower overlooks the entire grounds, and is reflected in a pool within the Court of Honor. This is flanked by the museum, on one side, and by the visitors building on the other. The former contains three large, engraved maps, depicting American military operations in Europe in World War II.


By car from Maastricht: Take the highway out of Maastricht toward Liège; turn left on the road to Margraten and Gulpen. The cemetery lies about 9.7 kilometers (6 miles) from the edge of Maastricht.

By train: Maastricht can be reached by train from any major Dutch town or city. There are also trains from Paris (le Gare du Nord), via Liège, Belgium and from Aachen, Germany. A bus runs to the cemetery from the Maastricht railroad station, and taxis are available from Maastricht as well.

100th Infantry Division Soldiers Graves

Name, Rank, Serial #, Home State, Date of Death, Location of Plot

397th Infantry Regiment

SCHMEISER, Frederick, PFC, 32595632, NJ, 24 Mar 45, F 18 2


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