Rhône Cemetery

Situated just 29 kilometers (16 miles) from the Mediterranean Sea at Draguignan, this 12-acre cemetery contains the remains of 861 American military dead, most of whom gave their lives in the invasion of southern France in the summer of 1944.

A white stone chapel overlooks the cemetery, and between the chapel and the burial area is a large bronze relief map depicting the Allied military operations in the region. On the retaining wall of the terrace are the names of 294 American soldiers and airmen whose remains were not recovered or identified, and whose final resting place remains known only to God.


By car from Marseilles: Take the A8 from Marseilles to the Le Muy exit, then take the N 555 highway north to Draguignan. From Draguignan, take the N 562 just a short way out of town to the northeast; the cemetery entrance is on the right.

By train: Take the train from Paris, via Marseilles to St. Raphaël; taxis can take you the last 32 kilometers (20 miles) to the cemetery. Some trains stop at Les Arcs, which is only 13 kilometers (8 miles) from the cemetery, and taxis can take you from there as well. Comfortable lodging is available in Draguignan and neighboring communities, but during the tourist season, costs can be very high, and availability at a premium.

100th Infantry Division Soldiers Graves

Name, Rank, Serial #, Home State, Date of Death, Location of Plot

398th Infantry Regiment

CAPON, Bramwell F., PFC, 39716004, CA, 26 Oct 44, C 9 8

STUCKEY, James W., T/4, 37632343, MO, 02 Jan 46, A 5 24

375th Field Artillery Battalion

HAGMAN, James M., CPL, 36828189, WI, 04 Jan 46, B 4 22


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