776th Tank Destroyer Battalion

Honor Roll

Killed in Action

The following soldiers of the 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion were killed in action between mid-March 1943, when the battalion first entered combat in Tunisia, and May 1945.

Captain Paul R. Brunt

1st Lieutenant John P. Hughes
1st Lieutenant Edward S. Kafka
1st Lieutenant Harold O. Weisweiver

2nd Lieutenant John B. Haywood

Staff Sergeant Eric A. Antonson
Staff Sergeant Harold T. Brown
Staff Sergeant Doyle D. Grimm
Staff Sergeant Oscar E. Lystad
Staff Sergeant James G. Newman
Staff Sergeant Alvin K. Waggoner

Sergeant Sigval M. Carlson
Sergeant Robert C. Elijah
Sergeant Raymond E. Larson
Sergeant Harold F. Mooney
Sergeant Athur Mygland
Sergeant Ernest E. Parris
Sergeant Arthur B. Rossland
Sergeant Millard E. Stigen
Sergeant Francis M. Zerr

Corporal Stanley E. Hams
Corporal Clarence A. Larsen
Corporal Harry G. Popp
Corporal Donald F. Ramhorst

Technician 4th Grade Albert Colaianni

Technician 5th Grade Jesse L. Anderson
Technician 5th Grade Norman C. Dutoit
Technician 5th Grade Arnold E. Freelander
Technician 5th Grade Gustave Hager
Technician 5th Grade Lloyd Holland
Technician 5th Grade Harold H. Stickel
Technician 5th Grade Kurt Wasel

Private First Class Nils Eidsness Ardine M. Harstad
Private First Class Woodrow Milligan
Private First Class Henry O. Stenberg
Private First Class Norman Togstad

Private Carl A. Applequist
Private Robert H. Burns
Private Dale H. Ellingson
Private William R. Hanson
Private Edward P. Paddock
Private Ferdinand J. Schmidt