The M8 Armored Car equipped the reconnaissance platoons of both towed and self-propelled tank destroyer battalions. (US Army Military History Institute)

M8 Armored Car

The Reconnaissance Platoons of the battalion Reconnaissance Company were equipped with M8 Armored Cars. These light, fast vehicles were ideal for the reconnaissance and screening missions typically allotted to them, but were completely vulnerable to antitank fire from even the smallest and lightest German guns arrayed against them in 1944-45.

M8 Armored Car

Height: 7.5 feet
Width: 8.3 feet
Length: 15.7 feet
Weight: 8.2 tons

Combat radius (how far one can go on a tank of gasoline): 250 miles (road)


Front: .625 inches
Side: .375 inches
Turret Front: .875 inches
Turret Side: .75 inches

Maximum Speed: 55 mph (road)


Main Gun: 37mm M6 Muzzle velocity: 2,900 feet per second
Coaxial MG: .30-caliber
Anti-aircraft Machine Gun: .50-caliber

(All data from Aberdeen Proving Ground Series)