M5 Light Tank





Company D was equipped with M5A1 “Stuart” light tanks. An early war design, these extremely nimble, fast, but lightly armored tanks mounted 37mm main guns that were completely useless against German tanks of 1944-45. As a result, the platoons of this company were typically used for reconnaissance or screening duties, in which mobility and protection from shrapnel or small arms fire were important, but in which engagement with German tanks was unlikely.

M5A1 Stuart

Height: 7.5 feet
Width: 7.5 feet
Length: 15.9 feet
Weight: 16.9 tons
Combat radius (how far one can go on a tank of gasoline):
  160 miles (road);
  100 average conditions.

  Front: 1.5 inches
  Side: 1.1 inches
  Turret Front: .5 inches
  Turret Side: 1.25 inches
  Mantlet (Armored shield on front of   turret): 2 inches

Maximum Speed:
  Road: 36 mph
  Cross-Country: 20 - 25 mph

  Main Gun: 37mm Muzzle velocity:   2,600 feet per second
  Bow Machine Gun: .30-caliber
  Co-axial Machine Gun: .30-caliber
  Anti-aircraft Machine Gun: .30-caliber

(All data from Aberdeen Proving Ground Series)