When the 824th first arrived in the ETO, its major anti-tank weapon was the 3" (76mm) gun, towed by M3 half-tracks. (US Army Military History Institute)

M5 3" Gun on M1 Gun Carriage

Caliber: 3 inch (76.2mm)

Tube Length: 50 caliber lengths (150 inches)

Height: 5 feet, 2 inches

Width: 6 feet, 10 inches

Length: 23 feet, 1 inch

Weight: 4,875 pounds

Maximum elevation: 31 degrees (551 mils)

Depression: 5 degrees (89 mils)

Maximum traverse: 45 degrees (800 mils)

Maximum Range with high explosive projectile and point detonating fuse: 14,200 yards

Muzzle Velocity firing armor piercing cap (APC) projectile: 2,800 feet per second

Weight of APC projectile: 27.24 pounds
Weight of AP propellant charge: 4.62 pounds

Rate of Fire: 15 - 20 rounds per minute (maximum); 5 rounds per minute (sustained)

(All data from TM 9-322, 3-Inch Gun M5 and 3-Inch Gun Carriage M1, March 1943)